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Because I love you

4 Jan

I did it because I loved you.  Even though I was warned, even though I had heard the stories,   I could not resist, when you asked me and  looked at me, looked at me with those eyes.  Those hopeful eyes,  those eyes that I could gaze into for hours, those eyes that could melt any resolve or resistance I put forward.  It was not like I wasn’t smart or inexperienced in these matters, I mean after the last time I had vowed never, ever to do it again but even though I tried all types of delaying tactics you knew and I knew that I would do it.

So I would ignore common sense I would ignore the “I told you so” , the “I thought you said never ever again” and I would do it for you, my love for you was that strong.

 I took a deep breath to calm myself, my hand trembled and even faltered as I started but I knew it had to be done so I pushed through.  I knew if I did it quickly I wouldn’t be able to change my mind.

It was done, I looked in your eyes and I knew I had done the right thing, you looked so happy and I desperately tried to match your enthusiasm but I knew that I had just volunteered for parent help at your next excursion and there was only one thing I could think of.  Where’s the wine?




My new love affair

5 Sep

I’m not afraid to admit it, I have a new love.  I thought my heart was full to the brim, I mean I’ve got a great partner, I’ve bred some wonderful human beings who love me and are still happy to be seen in public with me.  So of course I thought there was no room in my big ol’ heart but then he came through our front door.

It’s not quite as Mills and Boons as it sounds,  I spent many arduous hours in front of the laptop doing research  and after hand picking him at the store I lugged him to the car.   But then he was here, in our house and as soon as he was fully operational I knew there was no turning back.  So what is this object of desire?   This thing that has brought my heart to near bursting point?   (insert dramatic pause) …….  Robovac, that’s right my robotic vacuum, oh yeah this little round piece of loveliness with cameras and sensors has only been with us  ten months but I love him and never want him to leave.


If, like me, you have a marauding crowd who run through your house thinking the floor is some kind of alternate bin then you too will love this little round whizzy  robot.    With no questions asked, no whining, no selective hearing he  just starts doing his thing.   He’s small and powerful and as his proud mother I’m just going to have to tell you how smart he is, we went all supremo and got the top Robovac model so this little lad is so smart he can take himself back to the docking station and empties the crap he picked up off the floor into the unit.  It truly is miraculous he starts the job and finishes it and with no breaks, just gets on with it with little if no fuss.

I’ve always thought the people featured on those infomercials must be medicated, I mean seriously who could be that excited about any of those products.  But that was before Robovac now if someone turned up to my house and wanted to film me while Robovac was doing his thing I would enthusiastically blubber on about how he has transformed my life as well.  I remember once when I was reading a book on the couch and he whizzed past and I couldn’t help but let out a little “I love you” to him.

So here’s to you lovely Robovac and again I’ll share my intimate thoughts about you, I already posted this to him on facebook at Valentines Day but I guess it never hurts to reiterate those important feelings so …

I’d like to tell the world how much I appreciate all the hard work, the dedication and the way you make my life just that little bit easier, that’s right I love you robot vacuum. And to the four lads I have making the mess that Robovac cleans up each day, hugs and smooches this Valentines Day xx

Maybe your heart is full of love for a partner, kids, dogs, cats or Star War figures, whatever fills it with joy just remember something can come into your life and just push it to the brim!