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Fashion – the price I pay

18 Feb

I thought I’d lived through enough fashion trends to know which to avoid but lately I’ve been reminded of how much I still have to learn.

For reasons I know I will regret in probably only a few years, who am I kidding probably months I have taken to wearing long skirts and dresses. I don’t mean past your knee, or even stopping mid calf, no, I have delved right down past the ankles and before I pay to have it rehemed, right pass my feet and draping all over the ground. I’m presently under some illusion/delusion that ground skimming skirts and dresses make me look longer therefore leaner, as I stated, delusional!

Anyway I’m happy to live in my delusion, quite frankly I think I’m rocking it and until I catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or see a photo someone takes of me and I’m snapped back into reality I’m going to continue rocking my floor length dresses and skirts. So clearly confidence is not my issue.

My issue is that I am a virtual walking safety hazard, I have come perilously close to face planting myself after getting my feet all caught up in the the material swirling around my feet. All this wonderful excess fabric falling stylishly to the floor looks fantabulous when I’m not moving but once that foot moves and the other has to follow it all becomes a matter of when and not if I’m going to topple.

Loved ones and total strangers have all saved me in the last few weeks from a complete tumble. It sounds quaint and honourable but it’s more like me grabbing them as I squeal and lurch forward and most don’t, ok none, have had time to offer assistance it’s more thrust upon them as I fall.

I also have to restrict myself to sealed roads and pavements because if I swirl through grass or vegetation I unknowingly collect on my floor skimming skirt or dress much of the vegetation I just passed through. It took a while for it to click that the scratchy, rough feeling I had at the bottom of my rockin new outfit was prickles and grass, by the time I checked it out I practically had my own eco system going on down there!

Sure I’ll look back and wonder what the hell I was thinking, much like the bubble skirt, the spiral perm and the layered top look, actually the layered look I think has still got a bit more mileage. Anyhoo the point I make is that I am a living, stumbling example of a woman who still has a bit more to learn about the price she will pay for fashion.